28 August 2015

Oh Britey

It's 9:15 am and a not a creature is stirring, not even a Brite.  So, I am looking at pictures. This one here, what a slice of human heaven.  I tucked her in between me and Andy last night, her four month shots making her groggy and sore, and there in her tired, fussy stupor, she cracked a smile. She is pure joy, just a bunch of roly poly joy. She's the one big sister nicknamed Britey. She's the one the doctor said might need to cut back on the mama milk. She is the one who smiles at everyone and loves life (sans carseat). She is the one the three of us needed all along. And in that little baby mind, I'm just sure she is thinking of flower fields and magic carpet rides, oh, and milk of course.

Happy Friday, everyone!