17 August 2015

ROY G BIV (Toddler Activities)

Last week I wrote this post about trying to be more intentional about my time with Marin. I wrote about how I've been feeling like she is getting too many mom leftovers and TV time lately, so we've been doing more activities that help the day and our time together feel a bit more well-rounded. Some of the activities end in meltdowns, messes, and sweat, but we're giving it our best shot, and I think that's all that matters with this sorta stuff. This week we worked with COLORS. Here are some of the color activities we had fun doing.

Rainbow Popsicles.
While Andy watched the girls, I puréed various fruits that Marin likes. Once I had all the fruits nice and mushy, I asked Marin to come help spoon the fruit into the popsicle molds. The next day we got to eat and enjoy what we made. I'm learning that any activity that involves a big reveal is well worth the effort. You should have seen her face when we whipped those out! Also, all of the day's fruit servings in one popsicle? Win.

Rainbow Soup
My good friend Erin, an amazing and engaging mama of four, gave me this idea and it was a total hit. We used food coloring to make primary colored ice cubes then mixed them together to see what colors we could make. Marin LOVED this. It was such a hit. We even got Uncle Ross and Miss Kelly in on the experiment when they came to visit. Ross is working on his PhD and finding cures for Ebola (no, really) so we appreciated his scholarly presence in our rainbow soup shenanigans. Oh, and I think I should mention, the next time we do this I'm going to use Jello or something that Marin can eat/drink afterward. Poor girl wanted to eat her rainbow soup so badly, and I don't blame her. Ha.

Sorting colors.
I had another old science board in the craft closet, so I used it to make a color sorting station. I can’t sing the praises of this little activity enough! Just roll construction paper into tubes then tape them to the science board. I did two tubes of each color but one would work just fine too. If you want to make the tubes a bit more durable, you can paint or color paper towel rolls. It was about 20 minute prep time but time WELL spent.  This activity is a keeper. 

Painting the roses red.
We added food coloring to small vases and talked about how flowers and plants drink water. Again, any activity that involves a big reveal is well worth it. Marin woke up to her white roses turned colorful, so cool.

Rainbow bowling pins.
And last but definitely not least, this rainbow bowling set that cost me a mere $3.00 at Target. We are talking hours of entertainment here! Such a good buy.

Have a great week, mamacitas!

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