31 August 2015

The Kitchen Mini Renovation + Painting Tile

Happy Monday, friends.  I hope it was a fun and productive weekend for you and yours.  In our neck of the woods, this kitchen mini-renovation came to fruition, and I'm so happy that we went for it! When we were looking to buy a home a year ago, we were in a bit of a time crunch, so we were really happy when we found one that was move-in ready and seemed to fit so many of our likes.  It was all around a great fit for us and still is for the time being.  With that being said, there were/are a few small changes that I've wanted to make to help it feel a bit more like the home I would have built if I had my way with all the knobs and paints, etc. We aren't looking to pour too much money/time into changes because we aren't sure if this is our forever home, but a few small changes are feeling pretty good.  
The major component of this mini-renovation was changing the grey subway tile to white.  Not looking to put in all new tile, I started researching the painting option, and let me tell you, there aren't a lot of positive stories out there.  BUT I found this one (and one is all you need-right?), and I dove in.  I applied a good bonding primer and a leveling paint in super thin coats over the course of a couple days. Then, I took a very small paintbrush and painted the grout grey.  Now THAT task was as you might imagine, super tedious, like applying liquid eye liner for hours. Partyyy. After painting, we replaced the knobs and added pulls to the drawers and VOILA, a new kitchen for all my seven course meal prep. Anyone want some spaghetti?