31 July 2015

Welcome to my Office (A reveal of sorts)

 Ta Da! That little nook right beside our family room has been transformed into a real live office!  I mentioned in this post that I've been wanting some kind of office or desk, so I'm actually really thrilled to see this spot finished.  A couple weeks ago, Andy's family came over to visit, and I looked at Andy's dad with my stack-o-wood in hand like sooo, what are YOU doing for the next hour? And because he is one of the most helpful people this side of the Mississippi, he kindly obliged to help me construct the desk portion of the space.  With out him, my furring strips and I would have been lost.

Happy Friday, everybody! If you need me, you know where I'll be.


  1. Wow! This space looks fantastic!! So cosy and engaging to spend time there. Love the shelves and esp this pin-stripe. Thanks for the idea - need to make something of a kind for myself too!
    Besides I've just found your blog and immediately became your reader.
    have a good day, xxxx

    1. Alexandra! Thanks so much! It was so easy and CHEAP best of all. Was just looking at your blog. I'm inspired!! Your food photography is amazing. I need to try some of your recipes too. So glad to have met you here!

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    1. Thanks, Becca! I was JUST ooing and awing over Isaiah's nursery. Reveals are so fun! Hope you're hanging in there. Sweet boy will be here so soon!