27 July 2015

Hand-me-down Initiation + Genetics

You guys, GENETICS! When Marin was born, and even now at two years old, we constantly hear how much she looks like Andy.  There are some features that don't resemble his, but her overall look definitely favors her dad.  When the doctor handed me Brite, I could tell right away that she was a bit smaller than sister, her eyes more almond-shaped like mine, her face more round, her skin more caramel; even her cry sounded quieter.  But there was also something about her that looked so much like her big sister too. 

So, here is each of our little ladies at three months, a small tribute to hand-me-downs, being two completely unique people inside and out, oh, and to the weird fact that two things can be SO different but EQUALLY beautiful, at least to their mama. 

Happy Monday, friends.

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