21 July 2015

A picture of the four + house projects

I can’t believe it took this long to get a picture of the four of us.  But, thanks to family vacations and extra hands, here it is! During my pregnant nesting craze, I started a gallery wall in our living room and left the largest frame empty, so Brite could be included in the pictures once she arrived.  So, with our first REAL family picture of all four of us printed and hung, we now have a finished gallery wall to boot. To the next project! 

Funny I should mention. This past Saturday I turned off Marin’s baby monitor by Andy’s side of the bed so he could sleep in a little.  Ah, but whilst he slept…I was preparing my Lowe's shopping list for another house project.  I’ve been wanting a desk space or office.  Right now my computer usually ends up on the kitchen counter or night stand, so I’ve been trying to brainstorm and budget for some kind of computer resting spot.  I didn’t want to use one of our bedrooms because it seemed like a waste of necessary bedroom space.  Ideally, I wanted the desk/office in a central spot where I could still see and be a part of what everyone was up to.  So, we picked the small (very small) nook in the hallway that leads to the master bedroom.  It’s just off the family room so still pretty central. Also, the nook measured nine inches deep and my laptop also measures nine inches deep.  Coincidence? I think not. Wink.

Here are a few of the pics from the beginnings of the project. Hopefully an itty bitty, finished office will be here soon! Happy Tuesday, friends. 

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