15 July 2015

It's Vacation, Baby!

This past week we were in Hilton Head on our annual Summer trip with Andy's family. This trip always seems to come along when we most need it. Sometimes I thrive on a change of scenery, so while I love that our family has found an everyday rhythm with two babes, I was so glad for a road trip and the beach!
Since our last road trip we have acquired a new form of transportation, a minivan. I call it my humility on wheels but I secretly love it and drive it with the music loud and the bass down low for good measure. Needless to say, it was a welcomed companion this trip #becauseSTUFF. Once we arrived, the relaxing began. Well with two kids, it's more like pretend relaxing, but I'll take it!
We wake up early every morning, but for some reason it's easier at the beach. Brite is most settled during her morning nap and Marin has been skipping her afternoon nap so we let her sleep until she wakes up on her own somewhere around 9:00 am.  So, Andy and I were able to drink a couple cups of coffee and chat each morning before we heard a single peep. It was like a date every morning.
After the girls woke up we took the mornings slow, Andy usually taking Marin for a walk while I got things cleaned up and ready for a day at the beach. Andy's family really knows how to do the beach. They set up the tent, the cooler, the chairs. Everything is ready so that we can spend the entire day out there. And thank goodness because the getting ready for the beach and the actual beach time need to be the correct ratio. The sunscreen alone takes eons.
Once we were out there and settled, Brite appreciated being bounced and held by a standing person at all times while Marin played and played and played. How beautiful to watch her free little spirit out there. I don't think there is anything more fun then Marin on the beach. She was a little thrill seeker in the waves but a content sand castle smasher too. She was happy to rest for a minute to enjoy an entire watermelon then up and ready for more sand.
In the evenings we would head to dinner, skin smooth from showers and muscles tired from playing on the beach. We abandoned schedules and enjoyed the late Summer nights with family. After getting back to the condo each night, we would take turns putting an amped up toddler to bed. And no matter how much shampoo I used while giving her a shower earlier that night, I could still smell the ocean and sunscreen in her hair as I cuddled up beside her for bed each night. She would fight sleep to the very last minute before she dropped like a stone. Beautiful beach exhaustion from her greasy hair all the way to her sandy toes. So beautiful.
Honestly, the week was over just as quicky as it began. And we were packing up the Toyota Humility before we knew it. I'm so grateful for a little rejuvenation, for these memories and for family that loves on our girls, delighting in them like we do. Here's til next year!

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