10 November 2014


Oh hey, blog. Long time no see. There’s nothing like some good news to make amends for a long absence-no? So here is our belly growing, hearts exploding, feeling little kicks news.

We are 16 weeks into our second baby journey. In so many ways it has felt familiar to the bod, lots of flu-like days and that weird emotional fog thing I got during the first trimester with Marin, oh and lest we forget the reign of the adult acne-sexyyyyy. All this and I still want to shout, "WHAT A BEAUTIFUL WILD MIRACLE!"  The heartbreaking love I already feel is familiar too.  I just put my first baby down for her nap and am feeling one flip inside my belly.  Wow.  

How can something feel so familiar but also completely, groundbreakingly new? Well, it does somehow. I mean, we planned for it, but I am still shocked. Oh man, God let us make a human, a little soul that will be here in April, just in time for big sister's birthday. We are thrilled and humbled all over again.


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    1. Thanks, Becca! Hope you have a great time on your vacation! Have a pina colada for me!

  2. So very in love with this post and that belly! I know exactly what you mean - this feels so familiar but oh so very new and different and exciting. Can't wait to see your sweet babe!!

    1. eeeek, makes me so happy that we are in such a similar journey. Love you!