20 November 2014


It kind of makes me laugh that our plan before babies was minimal toys, minimal STUFF.  We’ll just tuck that away with the long list of other things we uttered before we became parents.  While we don’t have a TON of toys, we’ve actually come to really enjoy watching Marin find interest in these little gadgets that were designed to entertain and help her grow.  So, I thought I’d share a few of the toys/books that Marin has taken an extra special liking toward. And maybe spark a few ideas for those in need of Christmas ideas for tots. 

  • Pop-up tent:  Ever since Andy taught Marin how to build a fort, she has been enamored with “gorts.” So, when we found this pop-up fort at Ikea for 10.00, we couldn’t wait to show her.  It it the only toy her jaw has dropped over.  We play in it every day.  Oh, and the 15.00 tunnel (bottom right) is one of her favorite parts. 
  • Go Dog Go and Pout Pout Fish: (Top middle and Bottom middle)  I think I’ve memorized both by this point.  Marin just doesn’t tire of these two.  Also, the English teacher in me does summersaults over the word choices in Pout Pout Fish.  “Aghast!” for goodness sake? Yes!
  • Bath Letters: Yes, they actually stick.  Marin asks for them in her bath EVERY night.  She has fondly named them “nins.” I’m not sure how they acquired the name, but I do know that ever since we got them, she has been pointing out nins all over town.  Bath phonics for the win.
  • Teach My Toddler Learning Kit: I found this one on Amazon and crossed my fingers that it would be well-made and engaging.  It is AMAZING!  Marin loves it and will sit for hours with me looking at all the flash cards, books, foam cut-outs, and posters. 
  • B. Bristle Blocks and B. Water Drawing Board:  You can find the B. toys at Target or Amazon.  Both of these were gifts, and I’ve been blown away by how much Marin returns to play with them day after day.  Also, if you are looking for an artsy little activity, this is such a wonderful alternative on the days when you can’t monitor chalk/paint/crayons/etc.  It fosters the art time, but not the wall kind. ;) Brilliant!
  • (And last but not least) A giant ball from Wal-mart: Never underestimate the power of simplicity with these little ones.  Sometimes we have to hide the thing if you know what I mean. ;) 

Happy Christmas shopping everyone! Oh, and I would love to know which toys/gadgets your little ones love! 

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