17 November 2014


Somewhere between eating an entire can of olives and topping off a bowl of fruity pebbles, I felt a tiny poke.  “Hey, Andy, come here for a second.” I wondered if he would feel it this time.  We waited, Marin busy wrangling her tortellini.  THEN…to the sound of tortellini slurping, our second babe gave Daddy a kick. “I felt it!”  And just like that a regular Sunday went and sprouted a unicorn horn.  

Hey, little one, on this 16th day of November 2014, dad felt our secret.  Just you wait.  He’s so good.

1 comment:

  1. I'm actually crying. Is that stupid?! Haha! Hormones... This was just the sweetest! Our little girl has been kicking for weeks, but Stephen's been gone and busy and still hasn't felt her move, which sorta breaks my heart! Maybe she'll make her appearance during Thanksgiving break and give him something to be thankful for ;)