10 March 2014


Some seasons sneak up on you.  All of a sudden, while getting an oil change, you look up and BAM. A sapling or leaf or snowflake jumps in your face.  You never saw it coming.  But then there are those seasons that you’ve been sitting by the window, palms and nose pressed up, searching for just one tiny flower.  And when you spot that tiny bud, you leap or skip.  Then you feel you should hold it and speak nicely to it and offer it another drink, so it will decide to stay around for a while.  

Spring, welcome.  Where on earth have you been, missy?

With the sun shining and the temperatures warmer, we escaped the indoors and headed out to find a baseball game, some swings, grasssss. All that extra oxygen must have started to go to our heads because during our jog on Sunday we added an extra mile, and whistled our way through folding laundry, and I could swear we smooched longer and hugged and smiled more too.  Just sickening and wonderful I tell you. 

I think the highlight of all the extra sunshine was watching Marin on a swing set for the first time.  When you set your eyes on the picture, just insert the sweetest giggle you've ever heard. She loved it.

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