17 March 2014

A Visit to the Nursery

Don't worry, we made sure to get a grainy iphone pic of a tired baby to document the big day ;).
This past Sunday we left Marin in the church nursery for the first time. There's a pretty short list of reasons why we hadn't gotten around to doing this yet, and I'm not really fond of any of them, so we can just skip that part. Let's just say Frost was right, way DOES lead onto way. Anywho, it had been a while since our little family enjoyed being AT church over opting to watch online. There really isn't anything like being THERE with the music, and the baptisms and the voices raised around you. It was long over due and so sweet to be there.

Before Andy and I made our way to the service, we walked Marin to the nursery. For some reason I had major butterflies about the whole thing.  I wasn’t worried about the care she would get. I was worried she would be afraid.  I was fearful of her being fearful…of an unfamiliar place, unfamiliar people. She has been left with family, but this was her first time being left with strangers, albeit the most loving and kind strangers. I felt worried even though I knew she would be in safe hands and so happy to interact with other babes. I can imagine the conversation, "Whoa whoa, you mean to tell me there's more of us? Helloooo, babies!"

We gave her a quick kiss and handed her over to a very sweet volunteer. As we found our seats in the sanctuary, I got misty eyed about the whole thing. Andy looked over at me mid-song and asked, "You worried about the moo?" I shook my head "no" and smiled. I got to thinking what an amazing day this was for us as parents, for me as a mom and believer, for Marin. It was our desire for her to know Jesus coming out in action, a tangible response to a really amazing TRUTH.  We want her to hear about it and be a part of this community.  We want to provide her with a place, a place where she can learn about, and feel, the love of Christ.  We want this for her.  We need it for our hearts too. It takes faith and trust on any parent’s part to entrust their little one to another’s care, even if it’s trustworthy care. Will they change her diapers right? Will they know what her cry means? Will they love her and cherish her little ways? Will they be gentle with her? Leaving is frightening. It takes courage. It takes grace.  It takes prayer. 

After the service, we picked up a little baby who played and laughed all but the last couple minutes of her hour there.  And my heart swelled up with pride and joy that she liked meeting friends and felt safe.  She and dad zonked out about five minutes after we got home, arms all intertwined.  The excitement gets to them. ;)


  1. Yep, I've got tears in my eyes. You have worded this oh, so perfectly! I felt the same way when we decided to put Uriah in nursery and I felt a little silly about it but now I know I'm not alone :) This was beautiful! (As are you and your gorgeous babe in that grainy iPhone photo!)

    1. Allison! You knocked my socks off with these sweet words. You are the kindest. I've loved seeing pics on instagram of you three amigos and your travels, so beautiful.