30 March 2014

A Baby Gait

Somewhere between Marin learning to stand on her own and toddling around while holding onto mom and dad’s fingers, we noticed her right foot facing outward.  Every step, there those piggies were, pointing right at two-o’clock.  Hmmm, okay, don’t be alarmed, I thought. This is nothing that Google can’t explain-right?  And there it was…out-toeing.  Our little peanut is out-toeing and tons of babies do it apparently.  I’ve read through a lot of material about this particular baby gait situation, looking for an answer, a fix.  And article after article, there it was, that same phrase that goes more or less something like this…Keep an eye on it. It should correct itself in time. Sigh. 
A common theme with baby predicaments so it seems.  And isn’t that just maddening, mamas?  I mean, I’m having flashbacks to that never-ending diaper rash from Marin’s first month and then the nursing issues like when I felt like I was milk-boarding her for a whole month, oh and then the sleep stuff.  What on earth?  But time and time again and question after question at well-visits, there it is. “This will correct itself in time.” 
Mommy lesson number 2,053 and a humdinger for sure. 
I even started to worry there was NO possible way Marin would learn to walk until this “problem” corrected itself, but then the darndest thing happened just a week ago.  
She took three steps.  
And those three steps have turned into TEN steps, Charlie Chaplin like in all their glory.   
So there it is; she is WALKING with her two o’clock toes pointed just so, and every now and then I’ll see them turn and face forward.  
Marin’s one year well-visit is just around the corner, so of course, we’ll address the issue with the professionals, but for now and for these first few steps, I’m sitting back and watching this really smart little wippersnapper get by just fine and toddle toward things with resolute determination…especially if they are due north (and slightly east;).


  1. She's going to be a ballerina, that's all ;)

  2. Yay for first steps and lessons for mama! ;)