06 March 2014

It is neither a quack nor a squawk

At some point on Saturday, Marin started quawk-ing.  It isn’t a quack, and it isn’t a squawk.  It’s her very own rendition of the two.  And I got to wondering where on earth she picked that up. We play with a little toy duck at home, but I didn’t think we brought it out often enough for her to take notice of the noise it makes. I’m really not sure. I mean, I thought she would say other animal noises first because we “moo” and “baaaa” with the best of them around our house. But no, she chose quawk.  And I love that she is making choices and showing us she is both listening and deciding. 

When she quawked at an elderly lady in the elevator, I just grinned so big and proud. That’s my little duck, or parrot, umm or something. 

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