08 January 2014


Dress: Asos/Shoes: Target/Jeans:AE

This is a BIG baggy dress that I wore as an even BIGGER shirt. And I love it. Does Andy love it too? No, sir-ee.  But you know how it is, there are just some days when that little girl inside wants out, the one who would walk into the kitchen in her swimsuit or hodge podge outfit, proclaiming to her mom (or man in this case) “Today, I want to wear dis!”  So there you have it.  Dis is what I wore.

In other news, our condo is beginning to look like a barren land as we prepare to put it on the market, so of course; we three amigos danced around like wild Indians in an empty living room the other night because it was making a little baby with a cold crack up. Round and round and round.  

Happy Wednesday, friends. Stay warm out there.


  1. Emily Kate, my thoughts exactly when I saw it! lol It was super affordable too which is a double win. By the way, I'm loving your blog. Where you wrote, "when my babies feel an ounce of pain, I feel two ounces." So beautiful and so true!