22 January 2014

A Day in Chattanooga + Remembering

I hate the forgetting aspect of living, especially my propensity to forget some pretty awesome moments.  I mean, one time the following conversation actually happened between me and a childhood friend:
 Her: “Remember the time in middle school when you, your brothers, and I snuck out, stole your parents’ mini van and drove all around town till the sun started to come up? Then bought ourselves breakfast and returned home…all with out getting caught?” 
Me: (Look of sheer amazement on my face) “We did what?!”
The story eventually rang a bell, but how horrible to forget such a wonderful moment! 

So, in honor of remembering, I give you our weekend. We took a quick road trip to Chattanooga.  Andy planned it as a “sorta”  anniversary trip.  On our way there, Marin slept while Andy and I chatted about these past four years of marriage, all we’ve learned; then we created silly lists of things people can accomplish in four years like earning a degree, growing from an infant to a pre-schooler, etc. 

We pulled onto Broad Street, and headed to the aquarium to meet our good friends and their two rambunctious, beautiful boys.  And I thought Christmas was magical with little ones.  The aquarium, oh wow.  We chased kids around crowds and watched their amazement over HUGE fish and SHAWKS.  The adults didn’t get a word in edgewise, and for some reason I get tickled over that fact. During the kiddos’ naptime, the adults chatted and caught up with Mojo Burritos in hand, wine and 1 ½ rounds of Puno (Uno with a twist). 

Andy, Marin and I gave hugs and goodbyes before setting off.  We three headed to dinner at Alleia, the kind of restaurant where the décor takes your breath away and where they mix things like French bread, ricotta cheese and locally grown honey to create one incredible, underestimated bite.  The three of us ended our day by snuggling up in a big King bed at our hotel.  

These moments and these people, I could just squeeze em.

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