30 January 2014

This One's For the Boy

Me and you, we are reminiscers, and I love that about us. So this morning we did what reminiscers do best on their anniversary.  Marin used us as a jungle gym while we went through each year… the moments we laughed the hardest, the adventures we’ve been on, lessons learned, how we can serve each other better in our fifth year.
And now you are out in the cold getting us breakfast, and that is just so typical of you and your sweetness. You have made me (and now us) the happiest. Happy fourth year into those sweet vows. I love you.


  1. Your veil was amazing! I want to see more pictures! - Such sweet words to your husband! Happy Anniversary you two!

    1. Thank you, friend! That veil was the same one my mom wore. Come to find out I accidentally wore it with the end of the train on the top part of my head. ha. Loved the idea of all that lace, I suppose.

      Oh and a BIG happy birthday to your sweet Uriah today!