30 July 2014


Andy brought Marin into our bed Sunday morning with a “She feels really warm.” Ugh.  I never do well when she is sick, even when it’s just a cold kind of thing.  I always go THERE, you know? Just makes me feel helpless and sad.

By the time we were well into Sunday, she was running a fever in the 103s and seemed all around miserable.  We decided to keep an eye on it through the night and continue with Tylenol around the clock.  Monday morning didn’t bring any real progress and Tylenol stopped breaking her fever, so it was off to the doctor we went.  Turns out they have to poke and prod quite a bit on these little ones when they are trying to figure out what is wrong.  It’s horrible business, I tell you. 
It was so horrible, I let the emotions get the best of me when the doctor was chatting to me.  Thank goodness for the bills of hats and how they camouflage the chin quiver.  (Next on the to-do list, grow thicker skin)

So, Marin got REAL acquainted with a few of the nurses at the doctors’ office and after a few tears, she was back to squeezing Mom, Uncle Ry Ry, and her pet “dote.” 
Doc then told us we’d have to come back the next day for more shots.  Sigh.  

The two of us walked in the next day for more poking and prodding, a bit battered from a long night of fever breaking and crying.  Marin recognized the room from the day before and started crying before the nurse even entered.  When she finally made her grand entrance, needle prepping and all, Marin looked her square in the eye, about three inches from the nurse’s face, and with all the gusto she could muster yelled, “Dote, dote, dottttte!”  And even though the shot was inevitable, the nurse was a bit taken back by hearing a baby tell her “don’t”.  It even bought Marin a few more shot-free seconds. I secretly knew Marin was asking for her dog, but I kept it to myself and let the language barrier between these two break the tension in the room.  I giggled, the nurse giggled, Marin even cracked a smile through her tear stained cheeks.  Just before she continued to give the nurse a piece of her mind…”DOTE, dote, Dotttttte!”

The little one is on the mend today which makes her tiny tyrant moment with the nurse even funnier to me.  Cheers to a little one who is feeling better and who REALLY loves her dog or really dislikes nurses. It's up for speculation. 


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