27 July 2014


Every bump has a story…the weeks, the months, the years it took to come by it. 

My best friend now has a bump with its own unique story that is her story to share.
BUT I can tell you it is a beautiful story and she is a beautiful friend who I love dearly. So, naturally, I have been waiting, busting at the seams, to celebrate and throw a par-TAY for the little miracle in that bump.

A few weeks ago, a few other friends who were also busting at the seams to celebrate the mommy-to-be reached out to join in the planning, crafting, baking and creating. Talie from www.funnybeautiful.com and I took on venue and decor while Melissa and Natalie made an incredible spread of food and drink. (Good thing because no one would have wanted the microwave dishes I would have whipped up. ;) This group of girls was so impressive and hard working. You know the kind; they are gorgeous in and out, create gorgeous things and make others feel gorgeous. Impressive they are indeed.

Yesterday it all came together and we finally got to shout out (by way of tiny handmade felt flowers, personalized invites, iced cookies and cakes, ranunculus and roses, savory eats, and poms upon poms) "Hurray!" "Yes!!" And "Welcome, baby girl!" 

Enjoy the pics and thank you Talie for sharing!

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  1. Soooooo beautiful!!!! Everything looked amazing and sweet Ashley looks as beautiful as ever!