08 May 2014

Outside + Inside

The sights and sounds around the condo were lively, vibrant: cars, people on the street, horns honking.  It was fun and exciting for a season.  

Honestly, it's strange to think of the difference between our city home and our new home. Now we wake up to birds chirping and trees rustling.  It excites my heart.  When Andy comes home from work, he gets the lowdown on Marin and my activities for the day like usual, but now there is the installment of a detailed description of every piece of nature and creature, big and small, that we ran across.  He gets to hear about the hawk, the rabbits, the fire ants, the vultures, the dog next door who has burrowed a hole into our yard, all of it.  The poor guy was trying his darndest last night to tell me about Kevin Durant’s MVP speech, but he had to tell the story in phases because I set my sights on a wittle rabbit right there in our backyard.  Oh man, it’s too much.  It’s just beautiful and captivating.

And as we start to decorate the inside, I’m noticing pops of color from the outside inspiring my choices.  I usually like the cleanness of decorating with black and whites, but lately I’m loving blue, yellows, and greens. Most of the rooms in our home are still empty which makes me smile because it all feels like one big canvas to dream about, but slowly and surely we are getting this place furnished. Here is what we've gotten so far: a rug, a shower curtain, a basket, and a blanket. Slow and steady wins the race indeed. It’s coming along, friends.  Happy Thursday. 

Smooches, m  

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