16 May 2014

A little bit of lately + Pics from Mother's Day

We are settled in this new home and…sigh…it is so nice. In fact, Marin and I make sure to play in each room everyday, down to the walk in closet in the master bedroom. The gratefulness hasn't subsided yet. I'm sure we’ll all quit hearing about it someday, but for now, I am so very pleased and content.

Andy and I were driving to his little brother’s baseball game a couple weeks ago, chatting about this overflow of gratefulness for so many answers to the type of questions that start to get left on repeat. We joked about what on earth we should fill that old spot in our hearts with, the spot we used to fill with wanting.  And we laughed like "Man, we gotta hurry up and find something to be discontent about cause all this contentment is starting to feel looonely" So it goes, we've been trying to practice contentment, stillness AND, hey, it's okay to live in a season of BREATH. I'm pretty sure all this stillness will eventually lead to the cross, and then to the cross is all I need. We're on our way.

Speaking of being on our way, Summer has peeked around the corner of Georgia, which means family time, and trips are getting close. Next week (yikes, that's soon!), we head to Hawaii with my family then in July we'll be on our way to Hilton Head with Andy's fam. I couldn't be more excited for all the upcoming time with the people I love. And maybe hubs and I will sneak in a couple date nights since all our sweet babysitters will be in our midst. ;)

Our schedule has been busy busy lately, so it will be nice to stare at each other a bit. We've been doing some tag team parenting because of evenings filled with this and thats which requires lots of texting with questions such as "uh, what time did Marin wake up this morning because she isn't acting tired," and "She almost ate a stick," and "Haven't heard from you two in a bit, everyone still alive?" I'll leave the identity of the text senders to your imagination. J

Last night's events were especially sweet for me. I was able to have dinner with some of my former coworkers and dear friends from my teaching days. Oh the stories! We laughed and laughed then got a little sappy about all the different directions we're headed. Honestly, it made me want to cry because the people at that table were like a family for a time, a family that all worked together to love and guide eighth graders. They taught me so much. Oh memory lane, why can't I capture you the way I want to sometimes. It was wonderful, that's all. They are dear to me.

Well, friends, that about wraps it up. I'm off to peek on Peanut. Much love. And have a great weekend!


  1. This was beautiful, as always! We're currently in the wanting season, but I'm quickly learning that as one season of wanting ends, another one appears - It's never ending and often (as in my current case) unnecessary. So I'm trying to learn to fill that "hunger" with His word and promises. Though it's not always easy... Those wish lists just keep creeping back into my mind! ;) You guys deserve this grateful season and I'm so happy to see you enjoying it! Love these sweet pictures, too!

    1. Thank you, sweet friend! And yes! His word and promises are really the only things that don't fade in time. I love that. Much love to all three of you sweety pies!!