28 April 2014


It has been a whole week since we moved into our new house. And little snapshots like watching Andy play in the yard with Marin, watching him drive up our driveway at the end of the day, and officially retiring from our life of whispering in the evenings has made me tear up, oh, about once a day. I actually washed my face during her nap the other day, something that would have woken her up in the condo.  I skip around this place more than I walk because it feels good, friends. It feels great to have met this goal as a couple, as a family. We prayed and hoped to be in a home by the time Marin turned one. We closed the day after her birthday. And it seems love continues to be in the details. Because at the end of the day we didn't NEED a house. Oh man, I cringe at how much we have and how little some have. It's just that sometimes a little thing sits in your heart that you look forward to because it will bring room for babies and dinners with friends and, frankly, remind you that the Big Guy hears you and sees the desires of your heart whether they are first world desires or not. Sometimes you ask for something for years and try to go about it in a way that is honoring and worthy, and it eventually works out.
Enjoy a couple pics from our home. I will keep you updated as we save our pennies to put a coffee table in it or something. Marin is napping now, so excuse me while I go skip and make some racket somewhere.
Happy Monday, friends.


  1. How sweet! I love how the Lord provides for us :) Beautiful home!

  2. Love it and want to see more!! So happy for y'all!