23 April 2014

Marin Elizabeth is ONE

Oh friends, what a week. 
We sold a house. 
We bought a house. 
And, most importantly, we welcomed our baby into toddlerdom. Marin turned ONE right between a moving sandwich, but we were determined to not let her birthday pass with out pause for celebration over her and this precious wonderful life that we've been blessed to watch over.  We sang happy birthday no less than twenty times and snuggled her to the point of her annoyance. Then I proceeded to walk around in a sentiment stupor all day, a lump in my throat over this fierce precious baby who is growing up so fast. There wasn't a big party this year, just the three amigos, singing happy birthday and cheering on a sweet baby who ate her cake like she was born to eat cake. One of my favorite memories in this life of mine.
Oh my. So much life to live. Happy Wednesday, friends!


  1. It's the best, saddest thing, isn't it?! :) You guys did good! (Also, that left middle picture... I die!!)

  2. Oh yes SO sad. Totally wasn't expecting it. And that middle picture…haha…she KNOWS how to eat cake.

  3. Awww she is really gorgeous Megan...happy birthday wee Marin! x