16 April 2014

A Letter to a House Because Homes are Like People and it's Tough to Say Goodbye

Dear condo (aka "the room", "the box")
Big news! We sold you (and in that way you are not like a human, but I digress).First and foremost, thank you.Thank you for being glued to our best memories. Like our last night there, when Andy and I sat and recalled the good your four walls and 800 square feet did for us. How we learned through four years and best laid plans to expand the square footage in our hearts instead of the space in our house. 
We came home to you after our honeymoon, all love-bird-like, and we brought home our baby girl to you almost exactly a year ago today.  You will always be our first home, no matter what anyone said about you. ;)We won't ever forget the friends we met because of you: Tovah and Kip, Mrs Vicky, Mrs. Janine, and Carmen. Oh and the way they knew Marin and greeted her by her name EVERYTIME they saw her. And how miss Vicky would yell across the lobby in her thick as syrup country accent, "Give me that sweet meat!" Just before she ran up to grab baby chub.

Even the more stressful scenarios you brought our way bring a smile. The fire alarm going off on Marin's third day home ring a bell? I barrelled down 21 flights of stairs shoe-less, baby in arms. Yeah, a mom was born that day. Oh and how when Andy and I got in a he hem "discussion" we would be stuck there in the same room, mad and forced to stare each other down until we made up.

You have been just what we needed, dear house. You will always have a place in our hearts. It was the best of times. Farewell, home. This is your first tenants signing off.


  1. I feel your pain - we've moved once a year since we've been married (!!!) Leaving Seattle was by far the hardest - Uriah's first home... You have some beautiful memories now, though! So excited for your family in this next adventure!

  2. Hi! I found you via your guest post on Notes from the Nelsons and wanted to tell you how much I love your blog! We, too, are making the move from a tiny townhouse to a bigger abode, and it is a hard process. Your condo was gorgeous, but I'm sure that the new house will be better for the whole fam. :)

  3. Thank you, Natalie! And congrats to you guys on your move!