12 August 2013


 Just like those good ol’ days in college, my weekend with these girls was over in the blink of an eye.  I cannot tell you how great it was to laugh with them again and to chat about all the last year has brought.  There was a lot to cover- two new babies, the death of a father, moving, new jobs, graduate degrees… And like usual, each of these amazing friends offered unique insight on all things.

Anna arrived a day before the others which was perfect because I don’t get to chat with Anna as frequently since she lives in India.  We enjoyed lunch at a nearby Mexican restaurant, and caught up on our adventures.  She is doing great things in this world, seriously.  She has an amazing talent for understanding BIG vision and trying to find ways to carry it out.  I loved hearing about her year, mistakes and successes. Oh and she enlightened me, by way of personal account, about Dengue fever. Yikes!  This girl is a trooper. 
Cindy arrived mid-day on Friday.  Thanks for navigating Marta, CB!  (Whoever helps me avoid a screaming baby in a car seat at Hartsfield Jackson, I’m indebted to for life.) We made it back to the condo from the Marta station, and found a comfy spot on my bedroom carpet to chat and play with Marin. Boys would never sit on the floor and chat by the way, such a girl thing to do.  Erin and Erin arrived a few hours later, welcomed by a parade of my scarves.  I don’t know-it was the best we could do- guess you had to be there, so on and so forth.

When we weren’t laughing till our bellies ached, we were reflecting, sharing advice and asking the tough questions like “What would you like to accomplish in your thirties?” I just can’t stand how good it was to spend time with these amazing ladies.  And for one split second the house at the end of Rainbow Road wasn’t such a distant memory. Having Linds there would have made the weekend complete perfection, but there is always Reunion 2014 to look forward to. ;)
{Side note: I’m so in love with the pics I snagged of E & E running in and meeting Marin.  They are precious to me and watching my sweet baby girl put smiles on others’ faces pretty much makes life complete.  Oh, and watching all these girls love on her…amazing.}

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