23 August 2013

Littlest-Biggest Fan

A girl not paying attention to the game? What?
When there is a baby involved, sometimes it’s just easier to stay home.  I have NEVER been a homebody, so preferring my couch to the open road is a strange new transformation.  Since the open road now entails acrobatic moves to keep pacifiers in, diaper changes on my lap, and nursing in the back seat whilst strangers approach my window asking if I will be leaving my parking spot; I soon just hang at home unless absolutely necessary.  Some days I give in to the bliss and ease of diaper changes on an actual changing pad and nursing peacefully on our comfy couch.  BUT sometimes, if not only for the principle of the matter, I do the diaper bag checklist, pack up half our lives (so it feels) and head out to keep l…i…v…i…n…g.  It’s not quite the same with my windows up most of the time and the music remaining at a reasonable level (no more breaking the sound barrier), but I think it’s good for our family to be present when possible. 

And last week, being present meant heading out to watch Daddy’s softball championship double-header.  We left at seven and didn’t get back until eleven that night.  We changed some diapers, nursed in the car, passed around the peanut to fans, and CHEERED FOR DADDY. We won the game in the final inning with a grand slam by GF.  It was an exciting game and a great night!  All made worth it by the hub’s big grin that mommy and his littlest-biggest fan were there to cheer him on.  It was a win-win in my book.

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