07 January 2016

New Year Resolutions for 2016

Happy New Year! I have always been a sucker for a fresh start. I love Mondays and all the firsts of the months. So of course, I ESPECIALLY love a new year, plum full of fresh goals. And being the dreamer I am, goals usually begin around here in grandiose declarations like, "This year I'm going to start really enjoying being in the kitchen." And, thanks to the ever-increasing influence of a realist husband, these bursts of whimsy do end up in actionable (and realistic) bullet points. So, here they are, my dreams (and goals, dear husband) for 2016.


THE DREAM: I will plant scripture in my heart every day, and I will create opportunities for my family to do the same. I will focus more on having a grace-giving heart and on service toward others. I will open my home and dinner table to others more. I see wine pouring and board game playing. It's going to be good.
THE GOAL: I have loved the quiet mornings of 2015. So I am going to continue to get up at least an hour before the girls wake up, so I can read and focus on the work that needs to happen in this heart of mine. I am going to post one new scripture in a central spot in our home each month for our family to read together at dinner time. I am going to invite friends to our home at least once a month and feed them food that I really worked hard on.


THE DREAM: Cardio-something will become a regular part of my weeks again, just like it used to be circa before children. And I am nursing right now, so I will continue to eat everything in sight. But in all seriousness, I'm sure there is work to be done in the nutrition department, but I will re-visit this later.
THE GOAL: I am going to do some form of cardio (with an emphasis on core) 3X a week. I have ordered this work out DVD for a really accessible option.


THE DREAM: I will make my people feel loved and known and cheered for.
THE GOALS: Okay, so I have goals written down that I am going to try to accomplish this year in the area of being an all-around more encouraging, available, etc. etc. wifey, but I'm not going to write them here because it FEELS WEIRD. Onward. Our girls. We are going to read scripture with them every day (the one-a-month mentioned above). We are going to sign Marin up for an activity like ballet or music lessons where she has a little more time with other kids. I am also including a bit more "school" time into our day. Also, for our oldest, LESS SUGAR. I am literally going to cut every sweet thing she eats in half, even if it's a skittle. (I am clearly not reducing the portion of drama I dish out.) We are going to make sure we play outside every day, weather permitting. And lastly for Marin, I am going to make sure she and I get a one-on-one date each week. (She and dad already have a date each Saturday.) For little miss Brite, we are going to move her to her own bed. We will miss her warm, chubby little body in our bed, but the time has come. I've also set the goal to nurse her to at least 12 months and to start adding solids into her day before the end of her ninth month. We are also going to start reading to her every day. I know she is just a baby, but we started putting books in front of Marin when she was just a little one so yeah, MORE STORIES and WORDS for our littlest. Oh, and more dance parties and bed jumping forever and ever amen.

There is so much more in my heart and head concerning ways I hope to grow and projects I want to finish this year, but I'm sure there are enough Mondays in 2016 to hold more goals. So, I think that about sums it up for now. Voila. Happy New Year, friends!

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