09 May 2015


Andy and I are chronic prepare-ers, at least in the realm of our kids (whoa plural). And this tendency of ours, whether good or bad (verdict is still out), went into full swing when we started discussions about how best to prepare Marin for her baby sister. Through out my pregnancy she has shown warm feelings about the baby, always touching or kissing my belly and praying for "baby bite" at prayer time, but we weren't exactly sure how it would play out when Brite arrived. After all, there is only so much preparing you can do for these little ones. The rest is in their hands.

We had planned for Daddy and Marin to come to the hospital to pick up mom and baby. We wanted to leave as a family and arrive home as a family, all for one and one for all.
They knocked on the door to my hospital room, Marin with her look of apprehension peeking through the door frame. I tried my best to hide that my eyes were filling with tears. She looked so grown up all of a sudden. She looked like I had been away for months. I missed her. And nothing makes you see how big your baby has gotten than holding a new one in your arms. I could write for days on this, but I'll spare you some of the tales from the hormone diaries.

I had Brite positioned on the bed where she would be eye level for big sister. And after hugs, cuddling and a small tour of my tiny hospital bathroom to appease some crazy toddler fascination, I walked Marin over to the bed and told her we had someone very special for her to meet. I couldn’t help but hope I was witnessing two best friends meeting for the first time. Time would tell.
And there it was. The biggest grin, a small squeal of some kind and a "Baby Bite!"

She had done it again...amazed us with her lovely little heart. We asked her if she wanted to hold her baby sister and she responded with a high pitched "uh huh!" She wiggled her way into the hospital rocking chair, adjusted her legs, and stretched out her arms. She looked as ready and prepared as she did a couple weeks prior with that birthday candle.  It was like someone had taught her these small skills that we had overlooked or she had simply figured it out on her own. She was ready to hold baby sister. We layed Brite in her arms and Marin looked up at us with a huge smile and finger pointing at little sister "look, baby Bite!"

We signed discharge papers and were wheeled down the hospital hallways while Brite screamed and Marin cried with concern for baby sister. Andy and I looked at each other and the beautiful little circus of ours that was drawing all sorts of attention. What an amazing moment of total blissful exhaustion and anticipation. We snapped two in car seats, just before the nurse asked if we wanted to squeeze in the back with them. "Nope, they'll be alright."
Both girls were asleep before we hit the highway. And the car was peaceful...

...Until Brite started screaming and we pulled over for Andy to jump in the back, squeezed to a pulp by sandwiching car seats.

 Let the adventure begin.

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