16 April 2015

38.5 weeks

I had forgotton how slow the last couple weeks of pregnancy can be, every cramp being carefully analyzed.  It’s such a tortoise and the hare ending to a pregnancy that was getting the reputation for being so speedy. 

This pregnancy gets compared a lot to my pregnancy with Marin…which how could it not?  The two little beans share the same due date. Morning sickness wreaked havoc in the same ways and for the same duration. I’ve gained the same amount of weight with each pregnancy (32 lbs and holding!). I have craved all the same foods (powdered donuts, bagels, cereal, strawberry sour strips).  The two journeys share so many commonalities. It blows my mind that these two sisters could even share the same birthday. 

And then of course there are the differences.  I have worried less this time around. I have prepared less, and formed fewer expectations for a series of events that are totally out of my hands. This baby girl moves constanstly (nervous giggle) while Marin made her presence known at more predictable times like after coffee or when I threw the blanket off in the morning. In the last weeks of carrying Marin, Andy and I clung to our final days as a couple.  And this time around, we are puddles of parent mush over the fact that our time as just the three amigos is coming to a close.  I know in my head we are about to multiply the love in our home, but I can’t help but think, on the eve of my first’s second birthday, just how bittersweet this transition feels in my heart right now. 

I think we’re ready though.  I think the three amigos are ready for this adventure. 

And while we wait, we are cuddling longer at bedtime, jumping in all the puddles we can find, eating extra sweets after dinner, and talking a ton about the best friend God is making for a little lady who will be two years old tomorrow. 

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  1. This is so sweet! I have so many of the same feeling right now, and I love how you used the term the three amigos! Totally how I feel about our little family of three about to go to four. You look great! Not long now, yay!