07 October 2013

Let's Go, Braves!

Marin has a cry that we have coined “the squirrel cry” because it is so high pitched and happens in such quick successions that it sounds like a little squeaky rodent.  It normally occurs when she is at her wits’ end.  Now while the description sounds a bit amusing, the actuality of it is just heartbreaking, like my mama instinct is at its peak, and I feel like I can’t breath until I help the tortured babe.   Well, Friday night we were on the road, so excited to take Marin to her first Braves game, when fifteen minutes into the ride, squirrel cry commenced. Ugh.  We suffered twenty minutes of rodent wailing before I resolved to just snatch the baby up and walk the rest of the way.  And walk we did. We walked by the capitol, and under a bridge, and around some graffiti, and my little bit was happy as a clam.  Ahhh, sweet relief.  Don’t mind us gang buster; nothing to see here, stumbling man with a brown sack coming straight for us.  Okay, I’m exaggerating a bit.  It was actually a pleasant little stroll and so many kind people stopped to smile at Marin and tell me what a cute son I had. Wait. What?  (Oops…dressed the kid in athletic wear and forgot the bow in the car during my mad dash to silence the sounds of a dieing vermon).  

We finally strolled up to Turner field, a little out of breath, but oh so excited for Marin’s first Braves game and a playoff game on top of it all! And what a great game it was!  I’ll save you all the details from the game, mostly because I wasn’t paying enough attention, and skip to the fact that we brought in the WIN!! Woop Woop!  It was a blast and such a great memory for our little family.  Shout out to Big Papi and Nana for the tickets! Thank you!

Oh and to my dear Braves, show those Dodgers who is boss tonight!  I mean, we endured squirrel cry for you, walked the streets of Atlanta with a twenty-pound five month old baby girl who withstood incessant accusations of cross gendering.  I mean c’mon, let’s bring home the win.     

 And to my sweet friends who read this blog, if you have some lucky underwear then by all means put them on tonight! Well, if they are clean of course. Oh forget it, put them on anyway because if those Bravos lose tonight then we are done, caput, finito.  Let’s go Braves! 

Fear the Chomp

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