28 October 2013

Is My Clutter Showing?

This picture makes me laugh because once upon a time we said we wouldn’t buy any baby gadgets unless they were absolutely necessary. We didn’t want to clutter up our remaining space. (Read about our Fun Size home here) Well, the definition of necessary changes when you have a screaming baby who won’t sleep unless she is being rocked, so you point to the door and your delirious sleep deprived husband stumbles into Walmart just before closing to buy and assemble a little something called a snugga-monkey.  Humorous title for the desperation involved in its acquisition.  Or when you worry your babe doesn’t have enough stimulation and won’t learn the basics like reaching or rolling or going to Harvard, so you come home from a well visit and put her play mat together. Oh and our promise to leave her crib in her little corner. Ha. Good one.  Yeah, it makes tons of sense to get my happy bum out of bed 50 times to replace a pacifier rather than just blissfully reaching over to remedy the problem.  Yep, we have accrued some stuff and we can laugh about it.

In all honesty, there are some days when our fun size space feels a bit tight, but for the most part those days can be turned around by putting away all the gadgets (even if it’s only for an hour) or going for a walk or a car ride.  Sometimes we go visit grandparents or go to the store or have lunch with a friend.  Yep, it hasn’t been half bad. We are looking forward to a house, but for now we continue to laugh and have joy and some of our best memories in our little home.

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