25 December 2015

Merry Christmas: All is Marin and Brite

The tree is lit, the coffee is brewing and all the presents (and parents) are just waiting for Marin and Brite to wake up.  I think i'm going to start banging pans soon.  Life has the funniest ways of flipping the script on us because here sit two grown ups, clanking coffee mugs and coughing as loud as possible so the kids will finally WAKE UP. Right when I thought the magical years of Christmas morning were behind me, Marin and Brite show up and re-gift us with all the excitement of the season.  In fact, these two little souls have taught me more about the magic of Christmas and the miracle of the Messiah than anyone. I am especially humbled today that we have a God who would give his child so that my children could have hope in this world.  And we can delight in all the happenings of today because behind it all (and in front of it all) we have the hope of Heaven and the gift of grace.  Our hearts have been given the invitation to be light, and in these quiet hours before our babies wake up, we are GRATEFUL.  

Much love, friends! And Merry Christmas! 

And now, I present to you some of my favorite images from this Christmas season... 

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