22 September 2013

Here's to You, Sugarboo

On Friday night I came across the sweetest treasure of a store and had to share.  Just like many unexpected delights in life, we ran across this gem because of cancelled plans. Andy and I were planning on seeing a movie at the Cinebistro at Town Brookhaven, but to our chagrin ended up being too late to get tickets.  Change of plans.  We still needed to find dinner, so we decided to mosey past some shops to see what restaurants we could find.  Well, one of the  shops we happened to pass was the most precious little slice of heaven. The warm lighting and refinished wood-framed art called us in, and the tiny details kept us there, happily trapped by our discoveries.  The store walls were covered with original pieces of folksy/modern pieces of art with loving phrases and letters that make you think about people you love: your kids, your husby, your dog.  Rebecca Puig is the artist behind all the beautiful pieces as well as the creator of the store. What is this place you ask?! Okay, you ready? With no further ado, I present to you…

(I really hope this isn’t one of those moments when I hear a resounding, "Yeah everyone's heard of that." Fingers crossed I'm not the last to know.) At any rate, check it out and marvel with me. So cute it makes my toes curl!   

This basket of random messages/quotes was one of my favorite details in the store.  Just before leaving, Hubs and I reached in the middle (eyes closed) and picked at random.  We read the cards over sushi.

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