10 April 2013

The "To Do" List

As you can see, my order at Baskin Robins isn’t the only thing that’s grown around here these days.  I laugh when I think back to my initial months of pregnancy; I wanted that bump to show up so badly. First time pregnant folk are a funny breed.  We hope to see the belly grow at lightening speed. (Let's just generalize here so I can make myself feel better). We start to anticipate any signs of nausea, and we secretly get excited when it arrives, saying, “Ahh, everything is working as it should.” And while we analyze and encounter all our new bodily changes with childlike wonder, something else is taking place in these fleeting 40 weeks.  It is this kind of “divinely-alloted” time to prepare the heart and head for becoming a parent.  As soon as I saw that second pink line, I began tuning my eyes and ears to every encounter between moms and their little ones, taking mental notes along the way.  Thankfully, I don’t have to look too far for amazing examples. There’s my mom: master at making things beautiful, jolly jokester, boisterous laugher, great listener, and queen of empathy. My mother-in-law: maker of my favorite person, pioneer of patience, undying sentimentalist, inviter of story telling, and also a great listener.   Beyond these examples, I’ve learned tons from my friends who are already moms.  I’ve even gained wisdom from some of my friends’ moms. I guess in a way I’ve been taking notes for longer than I thought. One story in particular springs to mind.  I had a friend in college who played on the soccer team, and while watching the game one day, I heard a chant coming from the sideline, “Run, baby, run, baby, run!”  There she was…his mom, running alongside her son from the sidelines and screaming for him like he was five.  I laughed at the proud public display, and I secretly placed it on that proverbial list of mommy qualities I admire.   

 So, here it is…my first mommy “To Do” list.

1.) Commit to follow the Gospel in word and deed
2.) Love Andy (You know, do the things we’ve always done…meet him at the door  when he gets home from work, etc.)
3.) Read to the little bean every night.
4.) Cheer the loudest.
5.) Encourage togetherness, community and doing for others.
6.) Respond instead of react.
7.) Speak lovingly.
8.) Discipline consistently.
9.) Wash my hands of fear by putting germs (and other scary things) in their rightful place.
10.) Speak at least two languages at home: English and Laughter.

Of course this list, like me, is subject to change once I ACTUALLY become a mom. Oh, and don't forget to hug yo mama today. ;)


  1. It's a cute list. You might add to it, but I don't see needing to take away from it. It's a good reminder. It's easy to slip out of the mom you know you want to be when another option is easier. Good luck, Megan.

  2. You are the cutest. So glad you are blogging, my friend.